about us

About Us


At its heart, Devadhare is a celebration of the untainted and natural beauty of the land. By weaving the sensibilities of nature with luxury and comfort, every structure spread across this 10 acre property has been carefully built while preserving the purity of the natural environment.

From the ancient architectural techniques waged to the local & sustainable materials used, we are going back to our roots to create a union of nature and luxury that is truly unforgettable. With stunning vistas to greet you at every corner, experience the land come truly alive with its chirpy critters, gurgling streams, wild woodlands and misty hills when you visit the land of the Gods. An emerald treasure waiting to be discovered, come see, feel and soak yourself in the serenity of nature and find your mind, body and soul at peace.


About Us

Every last detail at Devadhare is a testament to creating a getaway that’s raw, pristine and as natural as possible. The luxury of enjoying nature at such close quarters also comes with a responsibility – to let the untouched remain untouched. Here are a few points to note when visiting in order to preserve the beauty and heart of the land.

Things to note:

  • Keep the use of plastic to a minimum and kindly dispose of waste in the bins provided.
  • Don’t litter while exploring the space.
  • Kindly keep noise levels to a minimum so wildlife is undisturbed.
  • Try the local cuisine and flavours offered.
  • Help maintain the pristine environment by reducing waste as much as possible (food or other resources)

As a rule, we don’t allow:

  • Loud music to be played (please feel free to plug in those ear phones)
  • Flash photography or setting equipment to ‘shoot’ the space
  • Smoking in the entire premises

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